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Non-TAC Trailers

Under Alberta's Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight regulation, pony trailers and full trailers are required to have a minimum wheelbase of 6.25 metres and a minimum track width of 2.5 metres. Trailers not conforming to these standards are in the process of being phased out by the Alberta government. The non-compliant trailers will be allowed full weight until December 31, 2010, but the allowable weight will be decreased annually in 2011 and 2012. This change will create a significant hardship for the owners of this equipment, effective 2011 - early projections indicate an estimated loss of approximately $10,000 per trailer in the first year alone, with this loss increasing to over $30,000 per trailer per year once the allowable gross vehicle weight has been dropped to 3,000 kgs.

ACTA has expressed their memberships' desire to see this regulation changed, and for the province to grandfather this equipment unrestricted as long as it meets CVSA standards, which is the approach being taken in other provinces.

Correspondence with the Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation on this matter is available to members only.

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